Bergisons Air Work Tasker

Maintain or brush-up your instrument flying and basic navigation skills with the Air Work Tasker ! It's a small, web-based software which will challenge your flying skills and situational awareness with various tasks given by a virtual flight instructor.


1) Open the Air Work Tasker website on your second monitor, tablet or smartphone. Anything easily accessible during flight, preferably with a touch screen.

2) At the start page (shown below), provide some basic parameters like applicable altitudes and airspeeds for your area of operation and aircraft, then choose which tasks you want to take:

SPD, HDG, ALT: your challenge is to fly at different airspeeds, headings and altitudes (the most basic stuff) as accurately as you can. (Tolerance for altitude is +/- 100 ft and +/- 10 knots for airspeed).

Holdings: you will be instructed to enter standard, 1 minute holding patterns with varying inbound courses and directions. Determine the correct entry method and fly accurate holdings until the next task.

Intercepts: intercept different radials to or from a fix (WP/VOR/TACAN). You are accurately tracking a radial, when you are +/- 5° of your assigned track.

DME arcs: arc around your fix at varying distances and directions (CW/CCW). Track tolerance on DME acrs differ with procedure design, but aim at a +/- 1 NM accuracy and you are well within limits in most parts of the world.

Calculations: if aircraft handling and basic navigation is not enough challenge for you, add some calculations like simple arithmetic problems and course reversals.

Memos: If you still feel bored, add stuff you have to memorize while flying other tasks, like ICAO airport identifiers, aircraft registrations and VOR frequencies.

3) Press DONE! and you will be taken you to the briefing page , with some more information. Find yourself any fix with a good direction- and distance readout (a VOR, TACAN or waypoint if you have an RNAV equipped aircraft) and fly directly towards it at your assigned altitude and airspeed, then press GOT IT, LETS GO! to receive your first task.



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